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Publication date: 05 Mar 2015
ISBN: 9780857634429
Size: 170 x 170 mm
Length: 26 pages
Picture Books

Pip and Posy: The Super Scooter


The much-acclaimed toddler book series from The Gruffalo illustrator, Axel Scheffler.

Simple but engaging stories which reflect the ups – and downs – of toddler life.

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Pip and Posy are best friends – they love to play, and make things, and have fun. But just occasionally they get cross or sad, and sometimes things go wrong that are beyond their control. And that’s when kindness and understanding – and a cuddle – make everything better.

In Pip and Posy and the Super Scooter, Posy snatches Pip’s scooter and tries to ride it. Unfortunately, it’s harder than it looks and she falls off, giving herself a nasty cut. Though Pip was very cross, he comes running to help Posy in her moment of need, giving her a plaster for her sore knee. Posy apologises to Pip, and together they build a sandcastle in the sandpit, where it’s nice and soft.

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“An ideal story, sensitive yet matter-of-fact, to read to children when they are having problems sharing and saying sorry.”

“Another wonderful story in the world of Pip and Posy! … I love how applicable this series is to young kiddos, specifically toddlers & preschool age children. In both of the books we’ve read thus far the characters are in everyday situations that have been, in our experience, things happening in their lives right now.”

“In Axel Scheffler’s sweet story, a rabbit named Pip is zipping through the park on his scooter when he meets his mouse friend, Posy, who wants to try Pip’s scooter. The distress we see on Pip’s face will resonate with any child who has ever been in his position: Your friend may really like your toy, but you really, really don’t want her to take it! […] The final scenes of reconciliation bring these stressful events to a gentle, age-appropriate conclusion.”

“The delightful Pip and Posy picture books deal with the dramas of toddler life. The two are best friends and have fun but sometimes, just like any other toddler, they get cross and sad. It takes friendship, sharing and understanding – and a cuddle – to make things better […] Children aged two to five, and their parents, will recognise their own emotional roller-coasters in these stories.”

“Scheffler’s illustrations are full of comfort and gentle humour.”

“Scheffler’s talent at portraying the trials and tribulations of early childhood in this series is second to none.”

“There is something so familiar and reassuring about Axel’s illustrations and the gentle drawings of green parks and blue skies reassure that when it comes down to it…it’s the simple things in life that matter.”

“These simple stories are simultaneously cosy and reassuring while celebrating the growing independence of the young. Perfect for one to three year olds.”

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