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The Many Worlds of Albie Bright

The Many Worlds of Albie Bright

Author Christopher Edge




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“A book with a big brain, big laughs and a big, big heart.” – Frank Cottrell-Boyce

An extraordinary novel for anyone who’s ever been curious.

When Albie’s mum dies, it’s natural he should wonder where she’s gone. His parents are both scientists and they usually have all the answers. Dad mutters something about Albie’s mum being alive and with them in a parallel universe. So Albie finds a box, his mum’s computer and a rotting banana, and sends himself through time and space to find her…

“Christopher Edge’s warm hearted writing sucks you in from the start with a sparkling take on parallel worlds, fuelled by a delightfully fresh understanding of quantum physics and a fearless ability to take on life, loss and dreaming big while never talking down to his readers. Bananas will never be the same again. I have one complaint about this book. I wanted it to be longer.” – Samira Ahmed

Cover illustration by Matt Saunders.

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What the Critics Said

“In the world of children’s books, it’s the equivalent of proving the earth is round: Christopher Edge has written a clever story infused with science that wears its intelligence humorously, introduces complex ideas with the lightest of touches, and deals with the death of a parent, all while pitching to mid-range boys, but not exclusively so, without resorting to fart jokes and groovy ‘naive’ drawings… Edge proves the theory that novels about science can be enormous fun. Give the man his own element on the periodic table of children’s authors.”

– The Times

“In theory, this adventure based in quantum physics could have gone on for another 100 chapters. In theory, it could have kept going forever… Every world feels distinct and surprising… Albie’s reunion with his mother, when it comes, is utterly heartbreaking, and readers may be grateful they had so many chapters to prepare for it. The book is actually quite short, but it turns out to be exactly the perfect length.”

Kirkus Reviews

“[Christopher Edge’s books] should be at the top of any Christmas list for seven- to 11-year-olds… they impart complex knowledge about physics and other science subjects in a fun adventure story.”

The Guardian

“I’d love this book in all the worlds. Heartbreaking, heartwarming, heartstopping. Amazing.”

– Holly Smale (author of award-winning Geek Girl series)

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“This is an accessible, inclusive delight of an adventure with a bitter-sweet centre that will take readers as far as their curiosity dares them to go”

– Teach Primary

“Albie’s attempt to resolve his feelings of grief and loss puts him in strange, mind-blowing situations, and simultaneously incredible, hysterically funny adventures.  Christopher Edge’s ability to string so many synchronised mishaps into one lucid paragraph is amazing … This is a brilliant book. Cleverly constructed, the story is informative, witty and highly educational, especially to anyone interested in quantum physics and the Universe, while addressing themes of coping with grief and loss.”

– Kids Book Review

“Chris Edge’s writing is wonderfully fresh and acute, and as he tells Albie’s story he addresses some difficult issues, including bullying and parental absence as well as bereavement, with enormous empathy and a wicked understanding of ten-year-old humour. This is an accessible, inclusive delight of an adventure, with a bittersweet centre – that will take readers as far as their curiosity dares them to go.”

– Teachwire

“Sometimes I read a book which just blows me away and The Many Worlds of Albie Bright by Christopher Edge is one of them… This book is such a delight it made me laugh out loud, took my breath away and made me cry. It truly is a wonderful story which I loved reading.”

– BookLoverJo

“It’s the perfect springboard for curious minds.”

– Rachel Delahaye, author of the Jim Reaper series

“Edge offers an artful, touching exploration of grief. Albie’s first person narrative, inflected with references to science and classic sci-fi, will be especially appealing to middle-grade fans of the genre.”

– Booklist

“Readers will be captivated by Albie’s adventures in parallel versions of his own life and intrigued by the science behind his travels… A fascinating take on bereavement and sorrow…”

School Library Journal

“Moving, and exploding with scientific ideas and wonder.”

– The Herald

“Funny, heartfelt and brimming with ideas.”

– Chris Soul (blog)

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