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The Secret Rescuers: The Storm Dragon

The Secret Rescuers: The Storm Dragon

Author Paula Harrison
Illustrator Sophy Williams
Series The Secret Rescuers




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Sophy is a maid at the Royal castle in a magical kingdom. When a small dragon crash-lands in the orchard, not only can she understand it, but she knows she must return it to its family. A bad-hearted noble, Sir Fitzroy, wants to destroy all magical creatures in the kingdom and will stop at nothing to do so. Sophy must keep the little creature safe from him and his band of men, and pass on the magical challenge to other girls in other parts of the kingdom. She does this by flying to a new adventure on the back of Windrunner, a dragon who helps her after she returns the baby to its family, and finding another girl to help her with the second secret animal rescue!

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What the Critics Said

“Cute magical creatures in need of rescuing may be the ubiquitous staple of fiction for children this age: they do have a certain, undeniable appeal. Here, high quality writing and evocative artwork make this appealing book stand out while kitchen maid Sophy’s tricky quest to hide a little dragon from a stern cook and a marauding knight will draw young readers in.”

– The Best New Children’s Books Summer 2015 Guardian supplement

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US English, Czech, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian

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