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Publication date: 06 Feb 2014
ISBN: 9780857632005
Size: 290 x 290 mm
Length: 32 pages
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The hilarious debut picture book from awardwinning comic genius, Elys Dolan.

Weasels. What do you think they do all day? Plan world domination, that’s what! Find out how the their dastardly plans are foiled in this hilarious, off-the-wall story which is packed full of humour and jokes. There are endless details to pore over again and again, not to mention machines, maps and even a laboratory . . . oh, and lots and LOTS of silly, funny weasels making hot drinks.

Meglomania has never been so furry in this funny, fun-for-all-the-family picture book, perfect for little kids and big kids too.

From the winner of the 2018 Laugh Out Loud Book Awards. Elys has also been shortlisted for The Roald Dahl Funny Prize, The Waterstones Children’s Book Prize and nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal

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Stories Aloud

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“Dolan’s hysterical picture book follows the weasels at work on the day they plan to seize global power – but unexpected obstacles keep thwarting their efforts, from faulty machinery to over-zealous health and safety inspectors […] Every page is a treasure trove of hilarity and it will take several reads to pick up on all the clever little details which Dolan has scattered about the place. It’s also fun to follow the progress of individual weasels as the story unfolds – keep an eye out for the one with the huge drill, who happens to be my personal favourite.”

“A talent to watch … literally laugh-out-loud.”

“Weasels, by newcomer Elys Dolan, is absolutely hilarious and utterly original … It is unique both visually and in its storyline and perfectly executed, with humour in all the right places … Weasels is a truly brilliantly executed fabulous idea of a picture book. You’ll never look at a weasel the same way ever again.”

“Insanely brilliant.”

“Sometimes – not often enough – you come across a book that’s fun from start to finish and which you could enjoy at almost any age. Weasels by Elys Dolan is just such a picture book, and tells both of their plans for world domination and how they are hilariously thwarted. I heartily recommend it.”

“It’s not just children who will enjoy this – there’s plenty to amuse adults too … Packed with detail, you will find something new every time you reread this unusual story.”

“Each and every beautifully-designed page of this quirky picture book is a delight, from the entertaining endpapers to the busy spreads of the weasels at work, full of funny details to spot that are certain to amuse both children and their parents. A wonderfully humorous debut from an exciting new picture book talent.”

– Booktrust

“Uproarious antics unfold in frisky cartoon spreads as not-so-smart minions, mad scientists, and a monocled mastermind scurry for a solution.”

“Amid sight gags, crossed wires and way too many espresso drinks, these weasels rule!”


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