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Author Emma Fischel
Illustrator Chris Riddell
Series Witchworld series




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The witches of Witchworld have no need for old-fashioned wands or broomsticks, not when they have shiny Spellsticks and super-whizzy Skyriders instead. And no one has a cauldron anymore, just a cupboard full of Potions2Go. Flo Skritchett lives with her mother, the editor-in-chief of celebrity and Lifestyle magazine, Hocus Pocus, and her witchteen sister. All is well, until her grandmother flies in to town and warns them that Witchworld is in danger from a Ghoul Attack! No one believes her – after all, Ghouls died out years ago and she still rides around on a broomstick, for goodness’ sake! But Grandma’s right, and soon Flo starts to wonder if modern witchcraft can save them or whether they’ll have to look to the Old Ways after all…

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What the Critics Said

“This book feels fresh and fun and, as ever, the cover by brilliant Chris Riddell, who has also been busy with the latest Goth Girl title, is bewitchingly beautiful.”

The Times

“I really liked it, as it was really fun. I’m reading the next one now. I give it 4.5 stars out of five.”

– Lexie, via the Guardian‘s children’s reading group The Book Munchers

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