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Lands of Belonging: KS2 Teaching Resources

Lands of Belonging is a unique exploration of the rich and complicated history of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Britain.

There are many ways of telling the same story, and how you tell it depends on your point of view. Some stories are so complicated, or difficult to explain, that they’re not often told at all. Like the story of how a company ended up running a country, or how one man drawing a line on a map could change the lives of millions of people forever.

This book aims to piece together the interesting, surprising, and sometimes very sad story of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Britain, and how these countries have shaped one another over the centuries. From exploring the vast empires and amazing inventions of ancient India, to revealing the challenges faced by South Asian migrants to Britain – or celebrating the amazing culture, innovations, inventions, and achievements of British people of South Asian heritage today – this book shows how the past, present and future of these four countries will always be intertwined.

About this teaching pack:

This resource is primarily designed for teachers to use flexibly as part of different subject schemes of work for Key Stage 2. The resources can be used to provide overview or depth to the study of specific national curriculum topics or an opportunity to further develop and understand core subject-specific skills and concepts.

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