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Xeni Soteriou

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Xeni joined the Crow’s Nest in May 2022, having worked for powerhouse Film and TV studios, Universal Pictures, and Warner Bros, with a dusting of freelance campaign management before transferring her skills to Publishing. Managing the Digital Marketing team across Nosy Crow’s book list, Xeni loves to immerse herself in different worlds, from ancient civilisations to outer space.

This exploration of literary realms led to the launch of her very own creative space, A Writer’s Lighthouse, building an online community through writing workshops, retreats, and online courses which she continues to nurture in her spare time.

Having spent her childhood (and most of her adult life) with her nose in a book, Xeni considers herself blessed to revisit the wonderful world of books in a role where she can communicate the powerful force that is storytelling for children. She is excited to be part of such a creative company that works to enhance literacy in children and enrich their imagination.