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Posted by Kate, April 21, 2010

Gallimard: salvaging from the wreckage of the London Book Fair

Though there were a number of people we didn’t manage to meet up with at the fair, there were others who had managed to get here, and one of our best meetings was with Gallimard (Hedwige Pasquet and Christine Baker pictured here with Deb and Kate on the cool French stand where you can get tiny cups of lethally strong French coffee).

Gallimard was pretty chipper, because Antoine Gallimard (and the clue is in the surname) had won a lifetime achievement award (click and then look at the press release “Respected French Publisher Antoine Gallimard to receive The London Book Fair Award 2010”). Axel Scheffler, who’s published by Gallimard, was at the select gathering that was the prize-giving.

Another highlight was that Kate went to her first tweetup (meeting of twitter-folk, or tweeple) yesterday evening, an event so thrilling and so fuelled with white wine that she left her LBF badge on yesterday’s jacket.

She met Jon Slack there for the first time. She’s doing a thing called CANONtales that he organises to “promote creativity in publishing” (if you have trouble accessing the webpage then just refresh – works for Kate every time). It’s tomorrow evening at 7.00pm with 11 other speakers doing what sounds frighteningly like powerpoint karaoke: 20 slides each up for 21 seconds. Come along to the Free Word Centre and laugh at her, if you’d like to.

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