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Posted by Lisa, April 20, 2022

Introducing Princess Minna!

We’re very excited to be publishing Princess Minna next month – a new full-colour, illustrated chapter book series from Kirsty Applebaum and Sahar Haghgoo.

And today we’re delighted to be sharing a preview of the first two books – you can read the first few chapters of each below!

Princess Minna lives in Castle Tall-Towers with the King and Queen, Raymond the Wizard and her best dragon friend, Lorenzo. There are often mix-ups and mishaps in the kingdom and Princess Minna loves to sort them out! She can tame unicorns, kiss frogs and fight dragons (apart from Lorenzo) and she is very good at fixing things before it’s time for bed.

In The Enchanted Forest, Princess Minna has to wake a sleeping prince before nightfall. But along the way, she finds a swan, an old lady and a very fluffy sheep – all of them in a fix! Can she help them and still reach the prince before sundown?

In The Unicorn Mix-Up, Princess Minna is so tired she gets a bit muddled and fights a unicorn, kisses a dragon and tries to tame a frog – which won’t do at all! Can she sort it all out and make a new friend along the way?

Read an extract of The Enchanted Forest here:


Read an extract of The Unicorn Mix-Up here:


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