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Posted by Tom, July 2, 2015

It’s July publication day!

It’s our July publication day – and WHAT a collection of new Nosy Crow books there have in shops today. Between some truly brilliant debut fiction, some fantastic picture books, and some innovative board books, we’ve got everything covered. Here’s what’s new this month!

We’re publishing two new board books in the wonderful Slide and Seek series by Jo Lodge. These brilliantly bonkers board books combine toddler-friendly slider mechanisms with Jo’s wonderful bold art. With a novelty you just can’t stop playing with, and a cast of crazy animals in the unlikeliest of places, these will go down a storm with parents and children alike. The next two books in the series are There’s a cow in my car! and There’s a toucan on my telephone!





It’s publication day for the board book edition of Dinosaur Rescue, written and illustrated by Penny Dale. Featuring a riotously rhythmic text and vibrant illustrations, this fantastic board book addition to the hugely successful series is packed with adventure and a rabble of roaring, rescuing dinosaurs! Here’s a look inside:

Owl Wants to Share at Moonlight School, the second brilliant Moonlight School picture book by Simon Puttock and Ali Pye, is out today – a funny, charming story about sharing that will help bring everyone together.

At Miss Moon’s magical school for all the small creatures of the night, Bat, Cat, Owl and Mouse are asked to draw their favourite night-time thing. But, oh dear, there aren’t enough crayons! Owl wants to share, but how will he convince the others? Here’s a look inside the book:

We’re ENORMOUSLY excited to be publishing Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam: The Cat Burglar – the highly-anticipated new picture book from Tracey Corderoy and Steven Lenton, creators of everyone’s favourite robber dogs, Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam.

In this second adventure for Shifty and Sam, the reformed robber dogs have embarked upon a radical career change, and are now running a charming cafe. Life’s as sweet as a sugared doughnut until their new, seemingly cute-as-a-cupcake employee turns out to be infamous cat burglar Kitty-le-Claw. Shifty and Sam are caught in a sticky situation when they find themselves in the frame for Kitty’s raid on a bank vault. Have the cake-loving canines bitten off more than they can chew…?

Here’s the trailer for The Cat Burglar:

And here’s a look inside the book:

It’s publication day for The Shark in the Pool, the second brilliant book in the Wigglesbottom Primary series – perfectly pitched school stories hilariously, told by Pamela Butchart and beautifully illustrated by Becka Moor.

ANYTHING can happen at Wigglesbottom Primary and it ALWAYSdoes. Is there a shark in the swimming pool? YES! Can a play parachute make Danny Jenkins invisible? YES! Is that a dinosaur buried in the playground? YES! So what are Class 2R going to do about it all? Have a lot of fun! Here’s a look inside the book:

And in a new-book-day-double for Pamela Butchart, it’s ALSO publication day for Petunia Perry and the Curse of the Ugly Pigeon, written by Pamela and illustrated by Gemma Correll – a hilarious novel for 9+ about how to fit in when you don’t want to conform.

Petunia Perry has decided to write her memoirs. She wants the world to know what it’s like to start secondary school with a best friend who stages one-person flash mobs in the canteen, a mother who over-shares at parents’ evenings and an unwelcome suitor who draws pictures of her as a unicorn. But it’s when she decides to start a band with a spoon-player and a lead-singer who’s a cat that things take a turn for the truly crazy… Here’s a look inside the book:

And finally, we are EXTRAORDINARY happy that My Brother is a Superhero, the hilarious debut by David Solomons, is out today. This is an absolutely amazing book: those of you follow this blog will have seen us talking about it ever since we won it at auction last year, and we are immensely proud of it.

Luke is a comic-mad eleven-year-old who shares a treehouse with his geeky older brother, Zach. Luke’s only mistake is to need a wee right at the wrong moment. While he’s gone, an alien gives his undeserving, never-read-a-comic-in-his-life brother superpowers, then tells him to save the universe. Luke is massively annoyed about this, but when Zach is kidnapped by his arch-nemesis, Luke and his friends only have five days to find him and save the world…

Super-exciting, laugh-out-loud funny, and with enough heart to fill an entire galaxy, this is perfect for fans of Frank Cottrell Boyce. David Solomons is a meteoric new voice in children’s fiction.

Here’s a class of 10 year olds from Netley Primary School in London giving their verdict on the book:

And here’s a look inside the book:

And that’s not all – the My Brother is a Superhero app is also out today! You can find out more about this brilliant free game app here, and watch a short preview of the app below:

Congratulations to all of today’s authors and illustrators!

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