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Posted by Tom, February 14, 2019

Little Bird Flies is now available as an audiobook

Today we’re delighted to share a brand new audiobook edition of Little Bird Flies – the first in a gripping, dramatic new series from much-loved author, Karen McCombie.

Bridie lives on the remote Scottish island of Tornish, the youngest of three sisters. Although she loves her island, with its wild seas and big skies, she guiltily nurses a secret dream of flight – to America and the freedom of the New World.

But her family are struggling under the spiteful oppression of the new Laird, and it seems that even some of the Laird’s own household are desperate to leave. When the Laird’s full cruelty becomes apparent, there’s no more time for daydreams as Bridie needs to help the people she loves escape to safety.

Beautifully narrated by Helen McAlpine, you can buy the audiobook of Little Bird Flies from Audible, Amazon, and iTunes now – and you can listen to a preview of the audiobook below.

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