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Posted by Tom, March 19, 2015

“Nosy Crow is to fairy-tale apps as J. K. Rowling is to wizards’ tales”: our new Snow White app

Snow White by Nosy Crow, our newest fairytale app, has been out for exactly a week – and we’ve been absolutely thrilled by the response so far!

The app has had some fantastic support from the App Store (including a beautiful banner), and some AMAZING reviews.

Children’s Technology Review have recognised the app with their prestigious Editor’s Choice Award, and in their review, wrote: “The masters of digital storytelling at Nosy Crow have cleverly ushered another classic fairy tale into the tablet age … Nobody can make a story flow like Nosy Crow, which qualifies this app as a top choice as an early language enrichment experience that is well worth the download.”

The Guardian awarded the app five stars in their review, writing, “It tells a familiar story in a beguiling new way that never prioritises digital gimmickry over reading and storytelling.”

And USA Today gave the app the maximum four out of four stars, saying in their review: “Nosy Crow is to fairy-tale apps as J. K. Rowling is to wizards’ tales — both are masterful. It’s no surprise then that Snow White, Nosy Crow’s newly released fifth app, is brilliant.”

If you’ve not discovered the app for yourself yet, you can find it on the App Store here – and here’s a very quick preview:

And here’s a look at our seven dwarves – meet Basil, Boris, Bill, Bob, Bernard, Brian, and Barbara!

If you’ve bought our Snow White app, we’d be INCREDIBLY grateful if you’d consider leaving a review on the App Store – it makes a huge difference.

We hope you enjoy the app!

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