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Posted by Kate, April 21, 2010

Secret agent

In the absence of many foreign publishers (who were detained in their own countries by the ashes), this was an fair for seminars, like the one on children’s books in translation that Axel Scheffler spoke on and that Kate tweeted today, and for seeing agents for Nosy Crow.

Here are Charlie Viney and Kate Shaw of The Viney Agency. Charlie looks particularly cheery because he has, for some reason, a stuffed Aleksandr Orlov on his lap. He whipped it off the table when Kate took out the camera because the image of Aleksandr is so protected, which Kate thought was hilarious.

Seeing lots of agents was a great opportunity to show off our apps demos, sometimes to people who hadn’t seen apps in action.

Seeing lots of agents was also a good and salutory reminder of some of the manuscripts that have been languishing in the office, awaiting reading (it’s really hard to keep up with them), and so Kate’s spent a bit of time this evening reading and replying. Nosy Crow has a small list and we have to be very selective, and Kate’s sad to say that nothing she read this evening seemed quite to hit the spot. But there’s lots to look forward to on the basis of conversations with agents, and we are happy to look at material direct from authors, illustrators and other creatives, from apps coders to paper engineers.

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