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Posted by Tom, May 11, 2012

Summer Reading (Redux)

I know that it’s only May, but in typically British fashion, the one good day of weather we’ve had this week has already brought on all sorts of wishful thinking in the Crow’s Nest about the Summer months and – naturally – accompanying reading materials.

Last year we blogged about some of our all-time favourite Summer reads, and truthfully, my own choices have not changed greatly since then: The Famous Five, A Spoonful of Jam, and Calvin and Hobbes would still top my list.

But something else has renewed my interest in summer reading – we’ve just had advance copies of some upcoming Nosy Crow titles arrive, and these two in particular have a distinctly estival tone:

First up is Vulgar the Viking and the Great Gulp Games, the second book in our Vulgar the Viking series, whose publication in June happily coincides with a similar-sounding sporting event taking place later on in the Summer. Vulgar is determined that this year, the village of Blubber won’t be clobbered in the Great Gulp Games by their competition from neighbouring Gulp, and so he begins training in earnest with the help of all his friends. You certainly won’t find goat-hurdling or walrus-wrestling at the Olympics (and all the poorer they shall be for it, too).

And also out next month is the fourth volume of our Olivia series by Lyn Gardner, Olivia’s Enchanted Summer:

Olivia finds herself at the world-famous Edinburgh Festival with the Swan Circus, but things don’t go smoothly – the Circus ends up homeless, there’s a thief in their midst and, in typically Scottish fashion, it won’t stop raining. Can anything turn Olivia’s soggy summer into an enchanted one?

Finally, I can’t not mention my current read – a proof copy of Catherine Wilkins’ hilarious debut, My Best Friend and Other Enemies, which is out from September (and will make fantastic back-to-school fiction then):

What are your Summer reading plans?

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