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Posted by Sam, April 7, 2021

Take a look inside The Body Book

Last week we published The Body Book, illustrated by Hannah Alice – an incredible interactive board book about how the body works, with see-through pages. From pumping blood to breathing air, this is a brilliant way to learn about all the amazing things our bodies can do.

And today we’re sharing a video preview of the book – you can see the book in action below!

What’s going on inside the human body? How do we move, eat, think, sleep and breathe? Children will love looking inside to discover the answers with amazing see-through pages and clear, friendly text. With labelled acetate diagrams of the muscular, skeletal, respiratory, circulatory, digestive, excretory and nervous systems, this is a fantastic first look at human anatomy for curious children everywhere.

Take a look inside:

The Body Book is out now – you can buy a copy from Waterstones here, Bookshop.org here, or Amazon here. If you’d like to stay up-to-date with our book news, including exclusive previews, giveaways and more, you can sign up to our newsletter here.

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