Voicing the Three Little Pigs app


We escaped Saturday’s sweltering heat in an historic subterranean audio studio in Soho. Our mission: record the narration and sound effect tracks for The Three Little Pigs app. Mission definitely accomplished.

After a quick run-through of the script and a few challenging tongue-twisters (e.g. “Popocat├ępetl Copper-plated Kettle” and “Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry”), our six young actors were ready to record. What they lacked in professional training they certainly made up for with poise, talent and boundless energy. We got great audio clips for all three pigs, their crying and cooing baby piglet sibling, Mr. and Mrs. Pig, an adorable bouncing rabbit and a VERY scary-sounding wolf.

We recorded some wonderful sound effects, too. See the photo above for what three giggling, oinking, squealing pigs look like when photographed through the double-paned glass of a soundproof booth.


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