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Posted by Tom, May 30, 2013

What’s your version of the story?

In case you’ve missed it, over the past month we’ve been posting individual trailers for some of the cast of our Little Red Riding Hood app, in which each character gave their side of the story. Even though the point of these trailers is that they tell a story in any order, or entirely independently of one another, it seemed a shame not to put them all in one place… and so here are they are!

We launched this series with the Big Bad Wolf’s version of events – a most dishonest tale by a very shifty character:

Fans of our first fairytale app, The Three Little Pigs, might have found this fellow slightly familiar – fresh from his triumph over one wolf, the third little pig has now come to lend a hand to Little Red Riding Hood in his capacity as an Officer of the Law:

I wasn’t entirely sure what Grandma would have to say, given that she spends so much of the story locked in a cupboard, but she’s certainly not shy about what she thinks happened:

A few people on Twitter have spotted a tribute to Nigella Lawson in our version of Little Red Riding Hood’s mum, and there’s certainly no denying a passing resemblance. Here’s her version of the story (mum’s, that is, not Nigella Lawson’s):

And as if that wasn’t enough, this mum can bake as well! As a final bonus, here she is giving instructions to make the cake that Little Red Riding Hood takes to Grandma (there are further written instructions for the cake on our blog, here):

That’s all of them… for now. One day Little Red Riding Hood herself may decide to tell her story – keep an eye on this blog for more.

You can make your own version of the story with Little Red Riding Hood from the App Store here. And if you’d like to be kept up to date with all our upcoming releases, you can sign up to our Apps Announcement Mailing List here.

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