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Posted by Sam, October 18, 2019

Eight of the best Halloween books for children

It’s that spooky time of year again! Today we’re sharing a list of our favourite scary (but not too scary) books for children of all ages. Take a look at the video at the bottom of this post and keep reading for even more recommendations…

Where’s Mrs Witch, illustrated by Ingela P Arrhenius

Published in September, Where’s Mrs Witch is the latest book in the best-selling Felt Flaps series. With bold, graphic artwork, this vibrant board book is perfect for sharing with babies and toddlers. Peek behind the bright felt flap on every spread to see who’s hiding – and then enjoy the fantastic mirror reveal on the final page!


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Bizzy Bear: Spooky House, by Benji Davies

We begin our list with a fantastic Halloween board book for toddlers! With bright, colourful illustrations, a gentle rhyme, and plenty of interactive elements, this is a great way to introduce little ones to Halloween.

In Bizzy Bear: Spooky House, the ever-intrepid Bizzy Bear visits a super-spooky Halloween house. As he climbs the rickety stairs and walks the cobwebby corridors, all sorts of creepy characters appear from doors and hidey holes. But where could he be going and what will he find there?


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Press Out and Decorate: Halloween, illustrated by Kate McLelland

Get creative this Halloween with the latest Press and Decorate book! From spooky skeletons to ghoulish ghosts, these press-out pieces can be slotted together to create eye-catching 3D hanging ornaments or threaded together to make a decorative garland.


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Make and Play: Halloween, illustrated by Joey Chou

This spooktacular Make and Play book is filled with frightfully fun activities to get creative with this autumn! Press out and colour the Halloween characters to use as decorations or for a creepy scene, including witches, ghosts, spiders, pumpkins and many more…


Pip and Posy: The Scary Monster, by Axel Scheffler

A wonderfully autumnal story for toddlers and the very young, featuring a scary monster – who’s really not that scary at all! When Pip visits Posy’s house wearing a scary monster mask, he gives Posy a bit of a fright. But when she works out it’s only Pip, she feels much better and they share some biscuits she’s made. Hooray! Here’s a look inside the book:

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Nothing Can Frighten A Bear, written by Elizabeth Dale and illustrated by Paula Metcalf

The next book on our list is a brilliant spooky bedtime story – a humorous, heart-warming tale for little bears who are scared of the dark or think they may have heard a monster in the night…

Daddy Bear insists that nothing can frighten a bear – but when there’s a noise in the night, Baby Bear isn’t convinced. The bears set out to make sure there aren’t any monsters but, as they vanish one by one, it looks like Daddy Bear might not be so brave after all!

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Spectre Collectors: Rise of the Ghostfather, by Barry Hutchison

You’ve heard of the Ghostbusters, but have you heard of the Spectre Collectors? For those looking for a spooky adventure this Halloween, the Spectre Collectors series offer action, ghouls, magic, and lots of fun! In the latest instalment in the series, Spectre Collectors: Rise of the Ghostfather, Denzel and his friends face the biggest, baddest ghost of all: the Ghostfather. He’s making a comeback, and he needs Denzel’s help, whether he likes it or not…

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Max the Detective Cat: The Phantom Portrait, written by Sarah Todd Taylor and illustrated by Nicola Kinnear

Filled with ghoulish goings-on and talk of a family curse, The Phantom Portrait is a great spooky mystery for young readers! Max, the furry detective and top mouser, has sniffed out another case. Someone, or something, is up to no good at Lord Fawley’s castle. There are missing diamonds and bumps in the night, but Max is prickling with suspicion that these strange events have more to do with jewels than ghouls…

Here’s a look at the first chapter:

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And you can find even more Halloween book recommendations in our video from last year:

We hope this list has given you some spooktastic book inspiration – and we’d love to know your favourite Halloween books on Twitter!

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