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Posted by Lisa, June 7, 2023

Nosy Crow’s Recommended Reads for Empathy Day 2023

Today is Empathy Day! Founded by EmpathyLab, Empathy Day inspires children and young people to learn more about empathy, have transformational experiences through stories and put empathy into action. There are lots of great, free resources available on the EmpathyLab website, which you can explore further here.

To celebrate Empathy Day this year, we asked our staff to come up with a list of some brilliant Nosy Crow books that encourage empathy!

Here are some of the Crows’ recommendations for Empathy Day reading:

Running Out of Time by Simon Fox (audiobook)

Running Out of Time is an exhilarating sci-fi thriller that had my adrenaline pumping, but it also deepened my emotional understanding of the plight of refugees, tackling this social issue with real empathy and heart (just with a sci-fi twist). I loved listening to this story over audiobook as it really brought out the best this story has to offer!” Meghan Meloy, Assistant Audio Editor

Everything Possible written by Fred Small & illustrated by Alison Brown

“For me, empathy in books is all about seeing the world as full of different and wonderful and exciting experiences and possibilities, and that’s what Everything Possible is all about – after all, the clue’s in the name! It’s inclusive and uplifting and celebratory (as a book inspired by an iconic folk song should be!) and although it’s a picture book aimed at young children, really, it’s for all of us.” Rebecca Mason, Senior Publicity Manager

Growing Up: An Inclusive Guide to Puberty and Your Changing Body! by Rachel Greener & Clare Owen

“The reason I picked Growing Up as the book to highlight for Empathy Day is that I am so happy that we are publishing such an inclusive book about puberty! I wish my younger self could have had access to this beautiful resource.” Maria Orlando, Home and Export Sales Assistant

Grandpa and the Kingfisher by Anna Wilson & Sarah Massini

“The title I have chosen for Empathy Day 2023 is the stunning Grandpa and the Kingfisher, written by Anna Wilson and illustrated by Sarah Massini. This is a book all about the power of nature, and about how death is a natural part of life. Talking about death with small children is hugely important, as should they, or someone they know, be dealing with loss, young readers can be armed with an understanding of what death means and where it fits within the natural circle of life, giving them space to reflect rather than being overwhelmed by a new, unknown and potentially frightening concept.” Rachel Kellehar, Publishing Director for Non-Fiction, Preschool and Activity

My Life on Fire by Cath Howe

For me Caspar is the poster boy for empathy, he always thinks about other’s feelings and does his best not to judge Ren even though she has done something wrong. The world would be a much nicer place if we could all be a little more like Caspar. Hannah Kettle, Marketing Executive

Princess Minna: The Best Princess, written by Kirsty Applebaum & illustrated by Sahar Haghgoo

“Despite the regal setting, The Best Princess deals with a very common issue for small children: change, and the havoc it can wreak in their lives. Princess Minna is unsettled by the arrival of a new princess in her kingdom and tries to send her packing, in hilarious and increasingly desperate ways. When Princess Sky-Blue is not alarmed by Minna’s tales of plague and destruction but instead rolls up her sleeves to help, the two become friends, a friendship cemented in the face of a real unicorn rampage. Yes, change can make you question your place in the world but embracing it can be fun, especially if you make new friends along the way.” Kirsty Stansfield, Publishing Director, Fiction

Frank and Bert by Chris Naylor-Ballesteros

Frank and Bert is a wonderfully heartwarming and hugely entertaining story about a comic duo, who serve as an important reminder that winning isn’t everything. Sometimes, being kind and empathetic is more important than being right…!” Laura Burke, Rights Assistant

Lands of Belonging: A History of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Britain, written by Vikesh Amey Bhatt, Donna Amey Bhatt & illustrated by Salini Perera

“I love this book because it helps me connect to a culture that I might not be familiar with.” Emma Hobson, Designer

When a Dragon Goes to School, written by Caryl Hart & illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw

When a Dragon Goes to School is such an adorable book and I love that it encourages children to be kind, compassionate and considerate towards others.” Stephanie McClelland, Production Controller

We hope you enjoyed reading about our picks! What are you reading for Empathy Day? Let us know on socials, @NosyCrow!


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