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Posted by Tom, September 10, 2013

Catherine Wilkins and Fleur Hitchcock talk about Bookbuzz

This year’s Bookbuzz programme has now launched, and as we wrote before, we have two books in the list of twelve core titles! Both Dear Scarlett by Fleur Hitchcock and My Best Friend and Other Enemies by Catherine Wilkins have been selected – the two books are perfect reading for the start of the new school year (and, perhaps, especially for children going into secondary school for the first time).

You can watch a video of Fleur talking about Dear Scarlett on the Bookbuzz website, here – and here’s the first chapter of the book:

Catherine has blogged about writing for Bookbuzz on their website, here. Here’s an extract:

“I wanted to write about a character like Jessica because I wanted to write about things that I could relate to.

When I was at school, I was never the best at anything. I always felt underrepresented when other stories, and films and TV seemed to be about someone being brilliant at sport or dancing, or being clever.

I thought, where are MY people? Where are the idiots who are fun to be with?”

And here’s the full piece.

You can also watch a video of Catherine talking about the book here. And here’s the first chapter:

My Best Friend and Other Enemies is an especially well-timed selection for Bookbuzz because the sequel to the book, My Brilliant Life and Other Disasters, is out this month! Here’s the first chapter:

Order the book online.

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