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Posted by Kirsty, July 20, 2015

My brother is a Superhero – out of this Galaxy!

No one goes into publishing for the material rewards, lord knows, but sometimes, just sometimes, someone chucks you a bone. Or in this case, a bespoke chocolate bar. At the very jolly launch of David Solomons’ top notch book, MY BROTHER IS A SUPERHERO, the other week, he gave a great speech and then handed out gifts! He can come again. Thank you, David, for such a thoughtful gesture, and I very much hope that the gannets in the crows’ nest will leave one in the fridge for me…

My Brother is a Superhero is out now! If you’ve not yet discovered this out-of-this-world funny debut, you can read the first two chapters below:

And there’s an app, too! You can download the free My Brother is a Superhero game from the App Store here – and here’s a quick preview: