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Posted by Camilla, June 28, 2010

Sweat and Hugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll

Camilla (she’s the one in yellow with the bad hair, in case you were wondering) spent the weekend at Glastonbury and while she can’t claim that it was in any way a work-related trip, she did find it hugely inspiring and envigorating.

Clearly the festival is best known for its bands and partying but a fair old slice of the site is dedicated to less frenzied activities – cabaret, circus, kids’ craft and so on. Camilla idled away a happy, if slightly sweltering, afternoon watching the Glastonbury world go by and sampling everything from charcoal-drawing classes to bizarre Japanese mime artists. The Poetry and Words tent offered a handy bit of respite from the sun whilst taking in sets from performance poets Holly McNish, Abby Oliviera and Glastonbury old-timer Attila the Stockbroker. All in all, it was great to see people dedicated to their art, in whatever form it took, and to making things, whether it was costume or jewellery or sculpture, and that in itself was a real treat to be around.

Of course it wasn’t all basket-weaving and junk-modelling and, fear not, Camilla did get a good dose of music too – Mumford and Sons and a spectacular show from the Pet Shop Boys being particular highlights.

It was 20 years since Camilla’s first visit to Glasto and quite a different experience – less mud, more sleep – but she thinks she’ll be back again, and she might even bring the kids next time!

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