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My Gym Teacher Is an Alien Overlord

My Gym Teacher Is an Alien Overlord

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Zack and Lara have superpowers. Luke has new school shoes and a burning sense of resentment. He KNOWS that aliens disguised as gym teachers are about to attack Earth but will anyone listen? No. So one dodgy pact with a self-styled supervillain later, and Luke is ready to save the world. He just needs to find his trainers.

‘My Gym Teacher Is an Alien Overlord’ is the action-packed sequel to the bestselling ‘My Brother Is a Superhero’, winner of the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize and the British Book Industry Awards Children’s Book of the Year.

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What the Critics Said

“This is a funny, sweet, surreal and madcap adventure. It’s a ‘sort-of sequel’ to My Brother is a Superhero, but you don’t need to have read that to feel involved.

This is also a great book for older children to share with their parents, as there are lots of in-jokes for the adults. Nonetheless, Solomons keeps the laughs and thrills rollicking along at a fast pace for his younger audience, too.”

– BookTrust

“The sequel to the critically acclaimed and prize winning ‘My Brother is a Superhero’ is absolutely marvellous. Prepare yourself for another nail biting adventure from the magnificent David Solomons… This book is stuffed full of humour, excitement and the unexpected. I really thought that ‘My Brother is a Superhero’ couldn’t be beaten but David Solomons has created a comic masterpiece full of thrills, spills and laugh out loud moments.”

Book Lover Jo

“…an extremely funny book… Full of satirical allusions, quips, comic dialogue and surprises in prose and plot, this irresistible entertainment reminds us that everyone looks like a superhero from the outside, but inside they are all worried about the same things, and that goodies and baddies are not all that clear-cut.”

Sunday Times

“Wildly funny.”


“My Gym Teacher is An Alien Overlord, the second book in the My Brother is A Superhero (these titles!) series, reminds me a lot of Louise Rennison at her best. Though it’s written for a younger audience, My Gym Teacher has that similar sense of heart. It revels in its space and it’s bright, swift and deeply, genuinely, funny.”

— L. H. Johnson, Did you Ever Stop to Think and Forget to Start Again?

Rights sold

Albanian, Catalan, Chinese (simplified), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (EU), Romanian, Slovakian, Spanish World, Swedish, Turkish, US English, Serbian

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